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Identifying Different Development Categories

Lee Morrison - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Planning Place assist you with your development projects Queensland wide. The Planning Place has a good working relationship with the authorities and councils Queensland wide. They are RiskSmart accredited which enables the fast tracking of approvals and different permits necessary for developmental projects. Our previous and existing projects are good examples of our track record.

The Planning Place has a variety of skilled and competent individuals that can handle your projects personally, which is our edge over our competitors. We guarantee our clients strict monitoring of their projects and keep them updated throughout the application process.

The Planning Place is capable and experienced in working on a wide range of development projects and can assist you no matter how small or large the scope of your project may be.



To know whether we can assist you with your potential development, below is a list of projects that we specialise in. If your project falls under any of the categories below, our team can help you with all development applications within Brisbane.


Houses and extensions in a Demolition Control Precinct

These are defined as parts of the city that have pre-1946 housing that is characterised by distinctive architectural styles. These can be non-residential buildings but have a connection to the local communities due to its themes and traditional patterns that is found throughout these precincts.The Planning Place can assist you with any House or House Extension within a Demolition Control Precinct development application within Brisbane.



The Planning Place can handle developments for any sized subdivision. We can assist you with development applications for subdivisions including residential, commercial or industrial land uses.The Planning Place can assist you with any subdivision development application within Brisbane.


Multi-unit dwelling

These are properties that contain multiple dwellings on a single property title. Such examples can include apartments, boarding houses, town houses, duplexes, hostels and nursing homes. The Planning Place can assist you with any Multi-unit dwelling development application within Brisbane.


Industry area

Aside from residential projects, we can handle any form of industrial development application within Brisbane. We can assist in approval for hazardous substances and other environmentally relevant activities that may correspond with your proposed use.


Small extensions in a shopping centre

The Planning Place can work with commercial or retail outlets and centres with their expansion plans. We can also assist with small retailers looking to commence an internal fitout that my trigger development assessment.


Single Unit Dwelling

The Planning Place can assist with any sized single unit dwelling application within Brisbane. Single Unit Dwellings can add significant value to potential developments as the different titling can be viewed differently by future purchasers.


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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban
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