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Subdivision and Project Management and Plan Sealing

Lee Morrison - Thursday, March 26, 2020
60 Kennigo Street, Spring Hill - Subdivision, Project Management and Plan Sealing

The proposal was for a 2 into 2 subdivision, due to Council owning an Access Restriction Strip at the Grenier Street frontage of the site.  A prelodgement meeting and discussions were held with Council to gain in-principle support for the subdivision to lot sizes less than the Acceptable Outcome, to gain Council consent for the lodgement of the application (as they were the owner of one of the lots) and conversion of the Access Restriction Strip to road reserve.

Approval was duly granted, with conditions requiring earthworks, road dedications and easements for stormwater infrastructure.  Both adjoining properties possessed retaining walls near to the common boundaries, hence close liaison with said neighbours was necessary during the required excavation works.

As a result of our project management of the works, the proposal was eligible for Council’s SealSMART fast-tracking process, with the plan being sealed by Council in only 4 business days from lodgement, with no further issues requiring resolution.

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