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The Planning Place Development Approvals - South East Queensland

Lee Morrison - Monday, October 22, 2018

The Planning Place has successfully obtained approval for a number of development applications throughout South East Queensland recently.

If you need help regarding the requirements to qualify for RiskSMART and SealSMART for your development, please feel free contact us on 07 3257 7833.

Further details of any of these development approvals may be found on the Property and Application tool provided by Council on their website.


Mixed Use Approval – Kingaroy

The Planning Place has recently obtained Town Planning Approval for an Extension Application at 1 Kelvyn Street, Kingaroy. The extension was sought to the existing approval obtained by The Planning Place in 2014. The original approval was for a Preliminary Approval Overriding the Planning Scheme, a Material Change of Use for a Caravan Park (Relocatable home Park), Reconfiguring a Lot (1 into 265 Lots) and a Material Change of Use for Multiple Dwelling Units. South Burnett Regional Council approved the request to extend the currency period for an additional six (6) years. 

Industry Approval – Virginia

The Planning Place has obtained Development Approval for three (3) Warehouses at 31 and 37 Saltash Street and 74 Radley Street, Virginia. The site had previously approved a Truck Depot (including Caretaker’s Residence) and Motor Vehicle Workshop through appeals. The subject site is impacted by a number of overlays including Biodiversity Areas Overlay, Bushfire Overlay; Coastal Hazard Overlay; Flood Overlay and Waterway Corridors Overlay. The proposed warehouses achieved flood immunity through the use of retaining walls, fill and a floating slab and also  maintained the bulk of the environmental overlay areas to be used for landscaping and rehabilitation of the adjoining waterway corridor. A number of sub-consultant reports were obtained to support the Impact Assessment development application prepared.

The development application/approval can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW (A004429012)

Plan Sealing Approval – Ferny Hills

The Planning Place has recently assisted in the Plan Sealing application at 32 Owarra Avenue West, Ferny Hills. The subject site was previously approved for a Multiple Dwelling (Eleven (11) Units) and associated Operational Works approval.

The Planning Place assisted with: reviewing the works completed to date, undertake site inspections, provide advice to the client regarding outstanding conditions, prepare the plan sealing application, liaise with the concurrence referral agency, and monitor the assessment of the sealing of the survey plan.

Following review and inspection by Council, the survey plan has been sealed for the use to shortly begin operating. 

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