Residential Approval - Fraser Street, Shornclffe

Lee Morrison - Friday, September 30, 2016

Recently, The Planning Place successfully obtained approval for a new Dwelling House in the Traditional Building Character Overlay at 3 Fraser Street, Shorncliffe.

The approved development was considered consistent with pre-1946 character buildings through the use of external elements such as eves, overhangs, materials and upper floor storey projection. Using the precedent example of 7 Fraser Street, Shorncliffe, The Planning Place justified the adaptation of a character partial split skillion roof style presenting to the street. Skillion roof forms did form part of pre-1946 streetscapes, primarily as carports and lean-to’s but were not a foreign roof form in a character residential area. The proposed Dwelling House was also subject to the Flood overlay where the building pad partially encroached into the creek/waterway flood planning area. A flood report was used as part of the development application to ensure the proposed filling would have negligible impact upon upstream and downstream landowners.

A garden shed was also proposed and involved building works, but where less than 25m2, the proposed shed was exempt from assessment against the Traditional Building Character (design) Code and the Flood Overlay Code.

Proposal Plans drawn by: Stylemaster Homes

View the full development application on Council's website: VIEW