Residential Approval - Noel Street, Hendra

Lee Morrison - Friday, February 24, 2017

The Planning Place has successfully obtained approval for House Extensions on a Small Lot in a Traditional Building Character Overlay at 16 Noel Street, Hendra. The approved works involve additional habitable rooms, a new garage and driveway crossover, and a new patio to the existing pre-1946 dwelling house.

Minor demolition work on the lower floor level and balustrading on the front verandah was considered Exempt Development under the Traditional Building Character Overlay of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 because it had been identified as a post-1946 extension. The proposal to enclose the lower floor and roofed patios on the eastern façade was also considered Exempt Development under Building Work for a Dwelling House on a Small Lot as it was contained within the prescribed building envelope.

Performance solutions were sought with regard to the roofed patio height and garage setback. The proposed works were assessed against the applicable codes of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and it was demonstrated that the development was able to meet the intent of the Performance Outcomes.

Proposal plans prepared by: Biscoe Wilson Architects

The full development application can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW