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Brisbane City Council RiskSMART
Fast Tracking Development Applications
Brisbane RiskSMART is the premium service offered by The Planning Place, delivering faster approvals and certainty to development projects. Get the quick tick for your development with RiskSMART, a fast tracked method to getting low-risk development proposals approved by Brisbane City Council, with applications prepared and lodged by our accredited RiskSMART consultants receiving a 20% discount on Council application fees
Our planners provide you with straight forward advice and focus on achieving outcomes for approval. A highly personalised service is provided to ensure your development is issued with approval, fast-tracked.
Our Brisbane RiskSMART team will add value to your project, securing all necessary approvals for both code and impact assessable developments to allow it to commence. We are currently accredited for the following development categories:
  • New houses and extensions in a demolition control precinct
  • Subdivisions (Ten or less lots)
  • Multi-unit dwelling (Ten or less lots)
  • Industry in an industry area
  • Small extensions in a shopping centre
  • Single unit dwelling (Ten or less units)


          RiskSMART Development Application Benefits

  • Timely approvals – far faster development approval timeframes (reduced holding costs) 6-day turnaround after public notification, referral agency response or lodgement dependent on the type of application)
  • Greater certainty of decision (while we have an obligation to Council doing the assessment on their behalf, achieving a positive result to you as our client is our priority and will mean a greater level of communication in regard to any deficiency with the application so that a positive outcome occurs.  We can now provide you with a greater level of certainty of approval, no surprises).
  • Achieves the delivery of quality development outcomes for you and Council (we are better able to provide a service to you as our client)
  • A reduction on development application fees by 20%.



Logan City Council RiskSMART       
The Planning Place are also Accredited RiskSMART consultants with Logan City Council. The benefits of this system include a 5 business day turn around and also a reduced application fee. To check if you're application qualifies for this process please contact us today.                         



Residential RiskSMART Approval - Booligal Street, Carina

Jessica Brown - Monday, December 12, 2016

The Planning Place has successfully obtained development approval for Multiple Dwellings (4 Townhouses) at 40 Booligal Street, Carina. The approved development involves four two-storey townhouses with public and private spaces, and car parking. The townhouses will contribute to meeting Brisbane’s CityShape guidelines by boosting housing choice and affordability in a well-serviced and accessible area. The townhouses will also exhibit a high level of architectural merit to add to the prevailing residential amenity.

The principal concern for the proposed development was regarding setback non-compliances. Specifically, boundary relaxations were sought for the front and rear boundaries and side boundary on units B and D. It was argued that the reduced setbacks were primarily a result of the angles of the lot and were considered minor as most the townhouse’s walls were compliant.

For two-storey Multiple Dwellings less than 9.5m high located within the Low-Medium Density Residential, the application was determined to be Code Assessable. It was also determined via communications with Council that the proposed development application could be fast tracked through Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART service.

The full application can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

Residential RiskSMART Approval - Bradley Avenue, Kedron

Jessica Brown - Friday, December 02, 2016

The Planning Place has successfully obtained planning approval for Dwelling House Extensions and Partial Demolition at 11 Bradley Avenue, Kedron. The proposed minor building works involved raising, relocating, and building beneath the existing dwelling.

The proposed development triggered code assessment where the existing pre-1946 dwelling house was to be raised on a small lot. As the proposal was compliant with the Traditional Building Character (Design) Overlay Code and the Dwelling House (Small Lot) Code, the application was suitable to be fast tracked with Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART program. 

Residential RiskSMART Approval - Baza Place, Banksia Beach

Jessica Brown - Friday, December 02, 2016

The Planning Place has successfully obtained approval for a new Dwelling House at 17 Baza Place, Banksia Beach. Under the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015, a compliant dwelling house is considered self-assessable within the General Residential Zone – Suburban Neighbourhood Plan. However, the development triggered a code assessable development application where a non-compliant front setback was proposed.

In conjunction with the town planning report, a Flood Check Property Report and Dux Creek Preliminary Approval were provided to support the proposal. Council approval was granted early November. 

Residential RiskSMART Approval - Jensen Road, Banyo

Jessica Brown - Friday, July 08, 2016

The Planning Place has recently obtained RiskSMART approval for a 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision at 28 Jensen Road, Banyo. The subdivision triggered Code assessable due to the following area classifications: Low Density Residential Zone, Flood Overlay and Streetscape Hierarchy Overlay. To mitigate adverse impacts from the Flood Overlay, the proper engineering requirements of the subdivision were investigated.

The subject site is serviced with all the necessary services was able to discharge stormwater lawfully to Jensen Road. The subject land is also located within close proximity to local parks, businesses and community facilities to ensure that future residents would be services by a high level of amenity. 

Residential SealSMART Approval - Battersby Street, Zillmere

Jessica Brown - Friday, July 08, 2016

The Planning Place has recently obtained SealSMART approval for a 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision at 20 Battersby Street, Zillmere for application number A003892714. The application met Council’s requirements and was able to be sealed within 5 business days of lodgement. 


Jessica Brown - Monday, May 16, 2016


Accredited RiskSMART Consultant

RiskSMART Applications

Clients are praising the advantages of using RiskSMART to approve their development applications with The Planning Place. The advantages of lodging a RiskSMART application include:

  • Faster approval timeframes
  • Greater certainty of decisions
  • Delivery of high quality development outcomes
  • A reduction on development application fees

The Planning Place is a RiskSMART accredited firm that has successfully obtained approval for a number of developments across Brisbane recently. Brisbane City Council's RiskSMART Program is eligible for low risk development proposals that will have little impact on neighbourhoods and the environment, and complies with the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

The Planning Place is accredited with a number of development categories listed here on our website. To check whether your project qualifies for RiskSMART, visit our AA Fast DA Approvals website to complete a quick online form and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss.

Logan City Council is also now offering RiskSMART approvals for certain development types. The Planning Place is accredited to lodge RiskSMART applications to council for the categories listed here on our website.

Below is a list of RiskSMART applications that The Planning Place has lodged and successfully gained approval for:

  • 14 Rockingham Street Zillmere - Townhouses on a small lot
  • 26 Elliot Street, Woolloongabba - Food and Drink Outlet (Coffee Shop)
  • 270 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton - Extensions to Single Unit of a Multiple Dwelling Unit
  • 316 Chatsworth Road, Coorparoo - 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision
  • 17 Didcot Street, Kuraby - 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision
  • 118 & 120 Junction Road, Morningside – 2 into 3 Lost Subdivision
  • 27 Chermside Street, Grange - Dwelling House on a Small Lot in a Traditional Building Character Overlay 
  • 45 Grenade Street, Cannon Hill - Dwelling House in a Traditional Building Character Overlay 
  • 53 & 55 Oakmere Street, Nudgee - 2 Dwelling Houses on Small Lots in a Traditional Building Character Overlay 
  • 35 Rita Street, Holland Park - Dwelling House on a Small Lot in a Traditional Building Character Overlay 

Residential RiskSMART Approval - Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton

Jessica Brown - Friday, April 22, 2016

On the 22nd April, 2016, The Planning Place successfully obtained approval through the RiskSMART fast-tracked program for Proposed Extension to Single Unit of a Multiple Dwelling Unit at 270 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton (Unit 1). Records showed the existing development on site contains six units within a two-storey multi-unit dwelling. It was proposed to increase the Gross Floor Area and provide a covered patio to the existing ground floor unit. It was also proposed to replace the existing carport to match the proposed covered patio. The proposed additions and alterations to unit integrate with the existing development, while providing additional/improved floor space and useable quality private space for resident. 

Residential RiskSMART Approval - Chatsworth Road, Coorparoo

Jessica Brown - Friday, April 22, 2016

The Planning Place has successfully obtained RiskSMART fast-tracked approval for a 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision at 316 Chatsworth Road, Coorparoo. The proposal included the removal of the existing post-1946 dwelling. The subject land is serviced by a high level of residential amenity. Located in the Low Density Residential zone and located within 200m2 of a Centre Zone, the approved lots are compliant with requirements of the City Plan 2015. 

Recent RiskSMART Approval - Oakmere Street, Nudgee

Jessica Brown - Monday, April 18, 2016

On the 23rd December, 2015, The Planning Place successfully obtained approval for two Dwelling Houses on Small Lots in a Traditional Building Character Overlay at 53 & 55 Oakmere Street, Nudgee. The dwelling was proposed to be consistent with other pre-1946 houses on Oakmere Street and pre-lodgement advice was received from the RiskSMART team to confirm the application would be lodged. 


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