With the change in final year, Council’s tend to update the fees they charge for Development Assessment. This process can differ from year to year as  Council’s can look to change the fees in a variety of ways to effect the economy. Sometimes Council’s will look to stimulate construction through maintaining or reducing fees, or they can use it as a form of revenue raising if the construction industry is booming, yet more often than not they simply move it in line with inflation.

On the 20th June 2012, Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Graham Quirk announced Brisbane City Council’s Annual Budget for 2012/13. The new Development Assessment fees for the year are contained within this document. The full outline of the fees can be found here. There has been a slight increase in all fees when compared to those of 2011/12. This increase is largely reflective of inflation roughly around the 5 – 10% mark. Good news though as the 30% discount on RiskSMART application will remain. 

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