ThePlanning Place has recently obtained confirmation from Council that theproposed change at 71 Grove Street, Albion is Generally In Accordance (GIA)with the original approval for Dwelling House Extensions from March, 2015. Theminor alterations involve the garage door materials – the existing design wasconsidered impractical given the proximity of the dwelling to the boundary,

Itwas proposed to use a standard steel sectional door that will have the appearanceof timber horizontal cladding. The door will present as a more lightweight,compact door design, and would replace the bulky tilt-up style door that aspresent would protrude past the boundary when open. Whilst vertical timberpailings were explored as an alternate option, this was discovered to beimpractical owing to inevitable pinch points.

Ultimately,it was determined that the proposed development could be considered ‘GenerallyIn Accordance’ with the existing development approval.

Proposalplans prepared by: Zunan & Nicholas Architects

Thefull development application can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

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Ian Adams
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