The Planning Place has recently obtained approval for Reconfiguring a Lot (1 into 2 Lot Subdivision) at 20 McGill Street, Raceview. The existing lot was improved with a dwelling house straddling the proposed boundary that was to be removed. Where located in the Residential Low Density Zone, the reconfiguring a lot triggered a code assessable development application subject to a number overlays according to the Ipswich Planning Scheme 2015. The approved lots sought a performance-based solution for frontage widths. Where the 14.08m proposed frontages did not meet the required 15m street frontage in a Residential Low Density Zone (Sub-Area 2). The Planning Place argued the slightly narrower lots would still allow a dwelling house to be constructed in compliance with the applicable setbacks, minimum dimensions and vehicle access. The development application also involved a stormwater concept plan that provided two options to demonstrate how the lots would achieve a legal point of discharge.

Survey Plans prepared by O’Reilly Nunn Favier Surveyors

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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Diploma of Management