The Planning Place were able to obtain approval for a Material Change of use for Multiple Dwelling (5 units with retention of apre-1946 Dwelling House) and Building Works for partial demolition of pre-1946Dwelling House in the Traditional building character overlay at 25 Noble Street, Camp Hill.


The application triggered an Impact assessable development application requiring public notification due to the proposal exceeding the prescribed maximum allowed of two storeys under the City Plan 2014.Notwithstanding, The Planning Place successfully achieved a partial third storey building and a site cover of 53.7% on a 814m2 site area.


The building design allowed for increased side setbacks atthe upper storey (exceeding the Multiple Dwelling Code requirements) to ensure suitable height transition and building separation to the adjoining dwellings.The townhouses are configured as two separate buildings to achieve a broken upbuilt form and comprised a stepped built form with a semi-basement car park level to take account of the sloping constrained site. The proposed partial demolition and revitalisation of the pre-1946 house was sensitively incorporated into the new built form, and achieved a maximum building height under 9.5m at all sections of the buildings, ensuring the development will maintain a consistent and compatible height, scale and traditional building character appearance to the street scape and locality.


The development application was lodged under the currentLow-Medium Density Residential Zoning provisions prior to the Council’s anticipated major planning scheme amendment to the City Plan 2014 being brought into place, which seeks to down-zone many properties under the Neighbourhood Local Plan to Character Residential Zone. The landowner therefore was able to exercise existing land use rights and exploit development opportunity under the current zoning provisions. Following the zone changes, the subsequent outcom ewill represent reduced development potential due to a reduction in the number of dwellings that could be established on the subject land size.

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