Are you living in your dream house or is it still a dream up to now?

Let The Planning Placehelp you start to build one of your own. We know how long you haveprobably been saving money to live in the house of your dreams and weare here to help you achieve it.

Weknow you have a lot of options but what makes us a better choice is ourquality of service and on top of that, we are RiskSMART accredited.

Itis a huge advantage that allows us to work efficiently and provide youwith service in the highest quality and convenience for both parties.

Havingan accreditation not only speaks volumes about our credibility but alsoincreases our capability to do all our required tasks faster. It hasallowed us to work on multiple different projects and offer variouskinds of services for the development of commercial, industrial or evenresidential properties in small lot subdivisions.

Whenyou engage our services, we can start working with you right from themoment you design your project.  Once adesign is already decided on, we can start working on strategies andplans of execution and also the applications for all sorts of permitsand documents.  With our connections in Queensland, and through the helpof RiskSMART, our processing time is faster so your project can flowsmoothly.

Youare guaranteed to have quality service at the ease of your ownconvenience. The Planning Place is devoted to help you in every step ofthe way.

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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Diploma of Management