Brisbane is one of the most developed cities in Australia. Through proper town planning and proper allocation of funds and budgets, the city is now a wonderful place to stay in. It is conducive to both residential and commercial purposes as many locals reside in the area and tourists flock the city all year round to experience the wonders of Australia and the city itself.

In fact, Brisbane was third among the 20 most sustainable cities in the country. The Australian Conservation Foundation measured the country’s largest cities in terms sustainability by analyzing different factors including environmental performance, quality of life, and resilience. Two major advantages that Brisbane has are the residents’ frugal water use and the city’s large number of Green-Star-certified building projects.

These cannot be done without the help of experts who have built a good foundation of design and development planning. These experts have planned this out carefully to build a community that will stand the test of time and have a universal appeal. It is what makes the city of Brisbane a delightful habitat.

A Town Designed Only by the Best

As the city continues to maintain and aim for greatness, they also continue to get the best resources possible and that includes hiring the right people to work with. Plenty of educational institutions provide courses in the field of town planning but not all of them are guaranteed to be hired in top notch companies. Certain personal skills are required and can be developed and here are some of them:



In order to create a development plan, one must need to know where to get good and reliable deals on resources such as suppliers and equipment.



Meeting deadlines and attending appointments on time are very important. When clients hire your services, they expect the best service from you and giving them further delays can put a bad impression on you and drop your service altogether.


This is where the application of what you learned in school comes in. Being knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the industry has a huge advantage. A good town planner does not only know how to design but how to adjust to the needs of the client and any problems that may occur.

These are three major qualities that our team of town planners from Brisbane possess which has allowed us to gain RiskSmart accreditation providing an edge over other firms. Contact us now and let us help you build your own development projects and be guided with our well-trained experts.

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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Diploma of Management