We are often asked if there is a need to have a contour survey, a survey to locate the house as existing on site for a house extension. 

This is baseline data that needs to be obtained at some time and is best to obtain as early as possible. 

The cost not to do so can be many times over the cost of the survey.  We were recently engaged to obtain a retrospective approval for a house extension on a small lot in a Demolition Control Precinct.  Unfortunately the Architect originally engaged did not obtain such a survey.  It was assumed the side boundary fenceline was the property boundary……..It wasn’t……which meant the building works undertaken were unlawful and a new impact assessment application was required.  Part of the new building works needed to be removed and expensive fire-shutters/fire-resistant glass put into the upper levels of the house.  The cost to try and obtain approval for generally ‘inappropriate’ development is a lot greater than designed a code compliant design. 


In addition to obtaining subdivision approvals for our clients, we are able to help them achieve their property development goals by offering subdivision project management and plan sealing compliance assessment. 

Subdivision Project management often involves:

  • Assist with appointment of consultants and any Civil contractors

  • Meet on site as necessary to discuss required work and verify work undertaken

  • Engage Civil Engineer or Queensland Urban Utilities for new water and sewer connections

  • Monitor Council assessment of Operational Works applications

  • Engage Surveyor to survey new lots

  • Assist with the removal of any improvements and obstructions from the road reserves

  • Assist with the construction of cross-overs and ensure any damage to kerb is repaired

  • Appoint electrical engineer to obtain electricity agreement with Energex

  • Obtain agreement for electricity supply and for telecommunications

  • Engage plumber for re-connection of existing house connections (if required)

  • Confirm with engineering delegate lawful point of discharge

  • Engage civil engineer to address roofwater drainage

  • Ensure all development conditions are met and provide relevant correspondence and follow up as required

Recent subdivision projects where we provided project management services and for plan sealing compliance services involve the following projects:

  • 386 Wishart Road, Wishart – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 50 Station Road, Deagon – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 54 & 56 Meemar Street, Chermside – 2 into 3 lot subdivision

  • 37 Menin Street, Corinda – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 139 Selina Street, Wynnum – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 34 Wakefield Street, Sandgate – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 86 Stanworth Road, Boondall – 2 into 4 lot subdivision

  • 10 – 12 & 14 Meadfood Road, Virginia – 3 into 3 lot subdivision

  • 46 Parker Avenue, Northgate – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

  • 112 Grovely Terrace, Mitchelton – 1 into 2 lot subdivision

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