Earlier this year, a list of the most family-friendly cities in Australia was released and it showed 30 cities competing for the top spot.

After following a certain criteria, the city of Launceton came out on top, beating other cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The survey was conducted by the Suncorp Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in Australia.

The survey was done to find out which city is the best when it comes to raising a family. The results were tabulated after collecting all the raw scores from different participants.

Following Launceton at rank 2 is Canberra and rounding up the top 3 is Toowoomba. Perth tied with Adelaide in rank 5, Melbourne at rank 14, Newcastle at 18, Sydney at 23, followed by Brisbane at 24. Concluding the list is Coffs Harbour which ended up at 30.

It followed ten major criteria which includes the following:

-Unemployment Levels

-Crime Rates

-Broadband or Internet access at home

-Access to health care


-Child care

-Volunteer work/Community service

-Housing Rates

-Income Level

The noticeable factor that the survey holds is the fact that these criteria are generally attributed to a good town planning and development, which was reflected in the results.

Analysing the Results

Most regional cities did better than more populated and urbanized cities. Among the biggest cities in the country, the highest one, Melbourne, is outside the top 10, while the two others, Sydney and Brisbane, is out of the top 20. However, if we based it on the states, Queensland is the most friendliest with 6 cities entering the top 20.

The study also showed some interesting information such as Adelaide having the lowest crime rate; Brunie as the healthiest city and Canberra being the city with the most access to child care.

It is also worthy to note that a further look on the study reveals that Sydney could have ranked higher if it didn’t lack on child care access and if the housing prices  aren’t too high.

The results show that modernisation is not always the key factor in building a good community for your family. Simply giving the people access to the basic needs within their area, whether it’s one of the provincial subdivisions in Brisbane or an industrialized city in Darwin, can make a huge difference in sustaining a friendly living environment that your family can enjoy.

Hiring professional town planning services such as The Planning Place can help you build a community that can boast of being family-friendly.

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