Points of Difference

  1. We are a RiskSMART accredited firm which allows us to go through various Councils’ fast-track process. This means your application will be assessed faster and provides greater certainty of approval.
  2. We are a smaller, dynamic firm that are personally available to take your phone calls.
  3. We are cost-effective, which ensures you get the best possible value for money.
  4. We have extensive experience in working with numerous QLD Councils including all South East Queensland Local Government Areas and numerous Regional Council Areas.
  5. We provide professional assistance to you to better represent your application to Council, which increases the likelihood of a favourable and faster result.
  6. We help you understand the planning process and explain it in plain English so you understand what is happening with your application.
  7. We provide regular phone calls to you to ensure that you are fully informed and to update you with what is happening with your project.
  8. We thoroughly research the property to help you ensure you are achieving highest and best use, which ensures you are maximising the potential of the site.
  9. We put together and manage a professional and highly competent team of consultants for more complex developments.
  10. We stage the completion of the tasks and invoicing to better help with your cash flow management.
  11. We provide our clients’ copies of all documents that go to Council to ensure that you have complete records at hand.
  12. We have extensive experience with all types of residential, commercial and industrial developments. In addition to Planning and Environment Court Appeal experience and Building and Development Tribunal experience should the proposal require legal or third party consideration.

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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Diploma of Management