Greenfield Developments

A structure plan provides the necessary planning framework to ensure that new development is planned and occurs in an orderly and integrated fashion. Such a plan is often required over an area for servicing, movement networks, open space corridors and site integration.

You can benefit on the experience and expertise The Planning Place can provide with preparing your Structure Plan to ensure the success of your subdivision and development project.

A selection of local area planning and developments that required structure plans in Emerging Community Areas include:

  • Subdivision of residential lots – Fig Tree Pocket (2 lots), Chapel Hill (35 lots), Richlands (12 lots) and Wishart (9 lots)
  • Multi-unit dwellings – Darra (20 units) and Chapel Hill (10 units)
  • Childcare centre investigations

For larger scale projects, The Planning Place can assist you with a consultancy team for Master Planned Developments. Our knowledge and skills will add value and save money with your residential development project.

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Ian Adams
Principal Planner

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Diploma of Management