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The Planning Place has established an impressive record of residential lot subdivision development, in particular obtaining subdivision approvals for:


    1. Small lot subdivisions;
    2. Rear lots 
    3. Structure plan subdivisions; and
    4. Master planned residential communities

We have the expertise to obtain the approval for your subdivision Queensland Wide.

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Our services can include:

  • Providing advice on achieving proposed subdivision
  • Appointment of surveyor and other professionals
  • Preparation of proposal plans and structure plans
  • Preparation of lease plans and easement plans
  • Preparation of assessment reports
  • Lodgement of Reconfiguring of a Lot development applications
  • Compliance of subdivision approval conditions
  • Lodgement of survey plan for plan sealing
  • Assist with titling of survey plan

Residential SealSMART Approval – Lyndhurst Road, Boondall

The Planning Place hassuccessfully obtained SealSMART approval at 208 Lyndhurst Road Boondall. Theoriginal development application involved Reconfiguring a Lot, resulting in twosmall lots (Council reference: A004537694, approved December 2016). The scopeof works involved a compliance assessment demonstrating compliance with theconditions of approval.

The development application canbe viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

Original proposal plans drawn by:O’ReillyNunn Favier

The original Material Change ofUse and Reconfiguring a Lot development application can be viewed on Council’s website:VIEW

Residential SealSMART Approval – Toohey Road, Tarragindi

The Planning Place has recentlyobtained approval for the Plan Sealing of a 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision (Councilreference: A004447399, approved November 2016) at 357 Toohey Road, Tarragindi.Due to the nature of the subdivision, the development was eligible to be sealedthrough SealSMART.

The development application canbe viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

The original proposal plans drawnby: O’Reilly Nunn Favier

The original Reconfiguring a Lotdevelopment application can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

Residential SealSMART Approval

ThePlanning Place has successfully obtained approval for compliance assessment(Plan Sealing) for a 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision at 354 Nursery Road, HollandPark.

Proposalplans prepared by: FYFE

Thefull development application can be viewed on Council’s website: VIEW

Theoriginal development application for Reconfiguring a Lot can also be viewed onCouncil’s website: VIEW

Residential Subdivision Approval – Upper Coomera Road, Ferny Glen

ThePlanning Place has successfully obtained approval for Reconfiguring a Lot (2into 2 Lot Subdivision) at 163 Upper Coomera Road, Ferny Glen.

Itwas proposed to realign the common boundary along as a response to the physicalcharacteristics of the site. The site is constrained by Laheys Creek traversingthe site from east to west in the northern extent, which limits current farmingoperations and maneuverability through the site. It was proposed to realign thecommon boundary along Laheys Creek to improve the existing situation. Theproposed lots will also be configured in such a way that the existing dwellinghouse and outbuilding on proposed Lot 3 could be retained.

Underthe Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007, the proposal was subject to a Code Assessabledevelopment application where located in the Rural Zone and establishing lotswith a minimum of 100ha in the Countryside Precinct.

Proposalplans prepared by: O’Reilly Nunn Favier

Residential Subdivision Approval – McGill Street, Raceview

The Planning Place has recently obtained approval for Reconfiguring a Lot (1 into 2 Lot Subdivision) at 20 McGill Street, Raceview. The existing lot was improved with a dwelling house straddling the proposed boundary that was to be removed. Where located in the Residential Low Density Zone, the reconfiguring a lot triggered a code assessable development application subject to a number overlays according to the Ipswich Planning Scheme 2015. The approved lots sought a performance-based solution for frontage widths. Where the 14.08m proposed frontages did not meet the required 15m street frontage in a Residential Low Density Zone (Sub-Area 2). The Planning Place argued the slightly narrower lots would still allow a dwelling house to be constructed in compliance with the applicable setbacks, minimum dimensions and vehicle access. The development application also involved a stormwater concept plan that provided two options to demonstrate how the lots would achieve a legal point of discharge.

Survey Plans prepared by O’Reilly Nunn Favier Surveyors

Residential Subdivision Approval – Samford Road, Camp Mountain


The Planning Place has recently gained approval for a proposed Subdivision (1 into 2 lots) at 3 Samford Road, Camp Mountain. A number of concurrence agencies were identified as part of this development application, these are as follows:

  • The Department of Transport and Main Roads, where located on a state-controlled road;
  • The Department of Local Government and Planning, where located in a priority koala development area;
  • The Department of Environmental and Resource Management, where containing areas of mapped remnant vegetation of “least concern” regional ecosystem – however, the proposed building envelope on Lot 2 is located outside of these areas and the proposed lot boundary does not transverse any areas of remnant vegetation and therefore referral was not necessary.

The design of the subdivision and building envelopes ensures the majority of the site and natural vegetation, topography and drainage patterns will remain undisturbed. As the proposal was generally in compliance with the applicable codes of the Pine Rivers Planning Scheme, it was approved by Council.

Proposal plans prepared by: Vekta

View the full development application on Council’s website: VIEW

Residential Subdivision Approval – Days Road, Grange

The Planning Place has recently received development approval for the subdivision of two lots at 192 Days Road, Grange in the Brisbane City Council area. This approval reinstates the lapsed subdivision approval for the same site.
The full application can be viewed on Council’s website – VIEW

Residential Subdivision Approval – Kirkdale Road, Chapel Hill

The Planning Place has recently obtained approval for the Reconfiguration of a Lot at Chapel Hill. This approval involved also acquiring approval for the removal of a piece of vegetation from the land. An application to court to amend the conditions placed on this approval for 21 additional lots.

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